"I’ve had situations where a six-figure deal has depended on getting paperwork to a client in two hours. Quality Couriers’ service is quick, economical, and right on the money when time is critical."

Anthony Giordano
Vice President
AG Edwards
Norwalk, Connecticut

"We rely on Quality Couriers for our ground shipments of blood products to the New York area. They're always ready at the last minute. And if there's a problem with the pick-up or a discrepancy in the address, they figure it out and solve it for us."

Stephanie Bouzas
Lab Manager
Progenitor Cell Therapy
Hackensack, New Jersey

"We do a lot of bidding, and often, we're down to the very last minute to make our submission. I've given Quality Couriers as little as an hour to get down to New York, and they've done it. They've called to notify me they've delivered, which is nice, because then I don't have to assume it got there, I know it did. And the rate is great. We were paying much more and getting much less with other couriers."

Tara Ocskasy
Post Road Iron Works
Greenwich, Connecticut

"For years Quality Couriers has delivered medical equipment for us. They deliver in the time they promise and the paperwork always comes back. We're thrilled."

Frank Cavarra
Branch Manager
Apria Health Care
Elmsford, New York

“I’ve used lots of couriers, but Quality Couriers is the best.”

Joe Gasparrini
Attorney at Law
Stamford, Connecticut

"We trade futures for institutions, pension funds, and high net-worth individuals. Just about every morning we’ve got documents that have to be in Manhattan before noon. Quality Couriers is here within the hour and has it downtown by 11 a.m. I've never had a client call me and say, 'Where is it?'"

Florence Dellacato
Client Service
Stamford, Connecticut

“When it comes to the three-hour turnaround, Quality is unbeatable. They pick up the sample, handle it the way our client asks, and get it to the hospital in the amount of time we promise. And I appreciate their flexibility: They’re always willing to work out a reasonable price for special situations.”

Willie Johnson
Logistics Supervisor
Quest Diagnostics
White Plains, New York