Quality Couriers was established in 1995 to provide immediate point to point service in the Metro New York area. We are located in White Plains, New York and Greenwich, Connecticut and have drivers stationed in all the five boros, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland, Fairfield, CT and New Jersey. Our list of clients include major labs, hospitals, hospital supply companies, law firms and equipment suppliers.

Organizations with layers of management, sales force and production often loose focus that the purpose of their existence is customer satisfaction, and we have determined that our customers achieve the highest satisfaction when they get the best possible service at the lowest price. We have taken care of this by completely streamlining our organization. We have just about eliminated all layers possible. Owners dispatch and drivers deliver. Mundane items which our competitors tout like state of the art billing system, tracking your shipment status etc. we use similar systems, albeit intelligently to enhance efficiency rather then the appearance of it.

Flexibility, nimbleness and openness to new ideas allow this David to walk where Goliaths fear to tread.